Besides cleaning, a little bit of sewing has taken place…

I still have some organizing to finish up in the studio, but here is what it is looking like so far:
I still have a few piles to go through on the big white table, along with my desk and scrapbooking desk. The large white table used to be turned 90º, but I love it this way so much better. From this view you can't see the closet (it still needs just a tiny bit of sorting) and my other 3 tables along with bookshelves and such.  Hopefully, I will get it all finished up this weekend. 

As for sewing goes, I made up a little crayon roll as a quick birthday gift for one of my high school friend's whose son was having a birthday. 
and I made another one of these Spiral Notebooks to go with it:
It's just blank on the inside which works great to keep all of the scribbles together or take on a car trip or to a restaurant. Not only that, I keep several them around my studio and my downstairs office area to keep my notes for various projects all together (I like to add in some lined paper, too). I also made a small dent in making some new clothes for X. Here's one pair of shorts, I finished up:
*the front
*the back
This is actually the Xavier's Holiday Lounge Pant (Pattern) just shortened to make shorts. These are my go to pants, super fast to make, really comfortable and X loves them. Instead of adding anything extra to these, I just left them plain- but you could had pockets or other embellishments to change them up. The shorts are on the long side just so they last for a little longer. Three pairs of the lounge pants are also in progress, I am hoping to get them finished up in the next couple of nights. 

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