Summer Adventures

Wow, Friday and Saturday just flew by… I spent Friday doing a little sewing (I will show you the results tomorrow, since I totally forgot to take photos of it yesterday) and catching up on a few other projects that have been laying around. On Saturday morning, I met up with a bunch of ladies (about 45 of us in all) from the Desert Sage Quilt Guild that I am part of and went on a fun all day adventure to the Boise Basin Quilt Show. The day turned out to be a ton of fun and I am so glad that I was able to attend. We took a comfy bus ride up there (since it is about a hour and forty-five minute drive or so):

I sat in the emergency section and ended up not having to share a seat with anyone so I ended up having some extra room which came in handy later in the day. We even played a few games while on the way up and I won a fun prize (it was a pattern with some fun little fabrics swatches, a picture is coming up later)

Our first stop was a fun little shop called:

I ended up with a couple of harder to find fabrics that I scored while I was there. After the shopping, we headed to a buffet for lunch. It was pretty yummy, but the best was the sundae bar as usual since it is my favorite thing in a buffet. 

Then we headed to the quilt show, but before we went in to check out all the quilts, we took a stroll through the farmers market. It was a lot larger than I had expected and the weather was just fabulous out. The vendors carried a range of things from jewelry to wine to crepes to clothing and tons more. It was great! The quilt show was awesome, inspiring and a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. They had door prizes, vendors, raffles and a gift shop. I did find a couple of fat quarters from one vendor that made it home with me. I also won another door prize in the last drawing of the day. (I think it was my lucky day yesterday since I rarely win at anything besides Bingo) At 5:00 was a lecture from Marianne Fons of Fons & Porter fame:

The lecture was actually really fascinating. Her personal story and lecture on Why people quilt? was entertaining, interesting and you really came away with a lot of interesting history of quilting. I found Marianne to be delightful, funny, and a great speaker. I was lucky enough to be the youngest quilter in attendance and won a free magazine subscription (how awesome is that!) there was also another raffle along with that which some of my friends won. After the lecture, we headed to a lovely restaurant, sat outside in the evening sun, and had a great dinner. 

A view from the tables of all the outside umbrellas. After such an exciting day we headed back to the bus and were on our way home. 

Here's a recap of some of the goodies I picked up:

Some Amy Butler Love fabric from The Quilt Crossing.

A couple of fat quarters (from the quil
t show) and Plume by Tula Pink Charm Pack, my first tula pink fabric and I am in love with it (from The Quilt Crossing)

Then I picked up these freebies throughout the quilt show:

A free pattern, a pocket needle guide, a couple of Quilt show pins and some hexagons for paper piecing. 

Since luck was on my side yesterday, I won these:

A magazine subscription, a pattern, a rotary blade, computer inkjet fabric, some Best Press and 4 fat quarters. It was so exciting to win and I truly love all of my goodies and they will be put to good use for sure! Overall, I had a great experience and am hoping to do it again next year!

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  1. KZ, Enjoyed your blog and your company yesterday. Whew! What alot of energy and motivation you have. Will check back often to learn more from the youngest quilter and big winner. Thanks, Dianne

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