Still here…

sort of, I have been busy trying to get over this stupid allergy/sinus junk and so far it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  My voice was almost gone, but is slowly making a comeback. (And if you saw that lady in the produce aisle with a kid who just threw up on her, yeah that was me. Poor little guy, has a stomach bug and seemed alright, but apparently wasn't. Luckily, the people at the store were really nice about it and I apologized and made sure that everything was okay. I am sure this is the real glamours side to parenting. As of now the little man is taking a nap and will hopefully be back to his normal, wild self soon!) Tonight is the Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild Meeting and I will be staying home taking care of the little guy, but I did spend some time (thanks to lots of tea, dayquil and sinus threaflu) to make this:

it is a floor cushion for the little guy, plus it showed the variety of hexagons for my hexagon demo that was tonight (you can find all about the hexagons here on jaybird quilts) I didn't measure anything, but the hexagons, so it is sort of wonky. 
In my stash of zippers, I found a parka zipper which turned out to work perfectly for this. The cording was made with 2 inch strips of fabric, some plain cording and stitch witchery. 
In order for X to drag it around easier I added this handle to the side. All the fabric was found in my fabric stash: light weight denim (the back is solid denim), the prints are Wheels by My Mind's Eye from riley blake fabric, the yellow is from moda, and I am not sure where the blue is from. For the filling was some foam (I already had some) and I still need to add some batting to even it out. I really liked making it and if I had been feeling better I would have made it a little more perfect and planned out a tutorial, but I didn't… okay off to take care of the little man!

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