Playing Catch Up

with household stuff and all the things I should have been working on when I was sick over the weekend. So far I have been cranking out a ton of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned up xavier's room, and picked up the living room area. I also made some headway on a free pattern that is coming later in the week- finished up all the how-to illustrations, now I just have to finish writing the instructions. Now that I am finally feeling better, I am trying to make a huge dent in my to-do list today, we shall see how it goes. One thing I have been working is a new feature on the blog (it will be making its debut on Thursday), so psyched for it! Anyways, off to check  the ads to find a swimsuit for the little guy (I now I could make one, but I just don't have the time right now), his swimming lessons start next week in the afternoon which is perfect,  I am hoping to catch a little sun while he is swimming :)! Summer has officially started around here with finally warmer temperatures and fun activities. How is your summer going so far? 

And just because I can't leave you with out a random something, so here is one of my favorite illustrations that I did when I was in school–

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