On the Downhill Slide…

of my 26 things to do before I turn 27 list. I am really going to have to get moving on a few of these so that I make it before November. The month of June just went by so fast, I feel like I didn't accomplish as much as I could have plus I was sick for around 2 weeks which threw me off track a little. For July, I am really going to try to focus on more of the "lifestyle" goals, since they are long term/life changes type of things, I am hoping to make them stick.  

 (items in blue are the status of each goal, so I can see my progress and figure out what I need to work on more. I want to make sure that I keep up with them) 

1. Practice yoga 3 times a week (for the month of July this goal is going to be a primary focus. Not just getting into the habit of yoga, but back into regular workouts.) 
2. Start my own business 
(I have a logo, some patterns in the works, finished up awesome business cards, and I have few more things that will be revealed in a few weeks. I still need to finish reworking my business plan along with the branding. I am really excited with the direction everything is going, it definitely is helping with my whole outlook on life.)
3. Illustrate 5 days a week (going fairly strong with this one)
4. Read 1 book a month 
(8 books and counting… and I actually didn't even pick up a book this week, I have been catching up on some magazine reading instead, so for July I am going to try and get at least 2 more read.)
5. Conquer Iced sugar cookies
6. Wear high heels several times a week 
(doing fairly well with this, however, I just picked up some new summer sandals (flats!) and they have become my go-to/most in love with item right now.)
7. Sew 1 quilt at least full sized 

8. Make more of my own clothes 
(I made the second prototype of my knit dress but adjusted the pattern for a light to medium weight cotton fabric. I also made a draped knit top and a summer blouse. I am planning on making another blouse, skirt, and dress next month.) 
9. Eat more fresh food 
(I am making a lot of healthier food choices and I think once I up my exercise, even more weight it will be lost. I am really trying to stick to the Naturally Thin lifestyle and it is really working well for me. I am hoping to pick up the second book which is filled with recipes. So far everything I have made from her book has been super yummy! Plus the garden is going to start producing a ton of fresh food and that will really help with this one.)  
10. Drink only 1-2 pops a month until zero 11. Have a nightly ritual (like tea, cookie, and sketching)Tea won!!
12. Clean out my studio and simplify 
(my mom is going to be helping me tackle this goal and clean out the entire studio and get it ready to run my business in effectively.)  
13. Build a website 
(I have the plan & did the illustrations for it, this is sort of at a stand still but I know what I am going for and just have to get it going.) 
14. Plant another garden 
15. Bake more 
16. Scrapbook at least twice a month (I have really been paring down with the photos and I just need to make some time for this, but there is so little extra time and I generally fill it with sewing.)
17. Improve my photography 
(I just keep practicing and taking a lot of photos to use as inspiration for other projects.) 
18. Keep up my relationships 
(This is always a tough thing for me. I am hoping to do better by just keeping up connections that I have made and that are already in my life. I realize some things just end up not turing out the way you want them to and that can be okay, too.) 
19. Organize my "library" 
20. Back up my computer frequently 
(I really, really need to do this and I still need to get something to back it up on) 
21. Take time to be present in the moment 
(Watching xavier grow and discover all sorts of new things is amazing, he is a fun energetic guy. Plus I am really enjoying starting my business and the entire process of it.) 
22. Have a booth at a craft fair (I am not sure I will actually get this one done or not, I will wait and see when I get a few pattern ready to be sold and see what happens from there.) 
23. Quilt Market (have a booth at) 
(my goal is for May 2011 when it is in Salt Lake, so I guess this one won't technically get crossed off before I turn 27, but trust me I am going to make this happen.)
24. Design my own fabric line 
(this month I sort of slacked on this and have just been creating different color ways of the same flower background, but I am hoping to come up with something new for July)
25. Have a girl's night out once a month 
(this is pretty much attending quilt guild meetings which is a ton of fun and attending sewing nights!) 
26. Go on a solo weekend adventure (I did go on the trip with the quilt guild and that will probably count as this)

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