So, I tend to fall in love with all kinds of things or rather I get obsessed in a good way with them (I figure its just the way I am, so I roll with it!) Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I am  currently obsessed with as a regular Thursday feature on the blog (kind of like Tuesdays in the Garden). Now my obsessions can be anything from fashion to food to books to pet peeves to fabric, I think you get the idea, anything goes! 

It was tough picking what my first Obsession list would be, so here it goes: My absolute must haves to make it through the day, beauty wise that is! (I have actually been using things daily for over a year, I am a sucker for routine) 

Dior Addict perfume (this is my go to scent and I only switch it out with Chanel No. 5), Great lash mascara in Blackest Black (must, must, must have), Black eyeliner (this one is by wet'n'wild but I like them to lean on the creamy side to blend), Eye lash curler (really it makes your eyes look so much better and more awake), Garnier Anti Puff roller (I find this helps a lot under my eyes) and finally the Dior eyeshadow palette. Let's take a look at that a little closer:

Mainly I use this for black eyeshadow (<3 this it is the best black I have found, applied with an angle brush) I tend to use white when I need to look awake and refreshed, the rest are kind of when the mood strikes kind of things. Are there any things that you can't live with out everyday or what are you obsessed with this week?

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