I can’t believe it’s already Thursday…

I really have no idea where the week went. A few weeks ago when I bought a day planner, I thought I would have trouble (a.k.a is it really worth it to buy one of these things) to fill up, but I was proven wrong. The planner has been consistently filling up on a daily basis, along with keeping me more focused and on track, I have been getting a ton of things done on my ever growing to-do list.  

Here is the table runner all finished up:

and here is the back:

and a close up of the quilting:

There were 8 extra blocks, so I made some matching coasters to go with it:

Remember, all the paper hexagons that I have cut out… well, I finally got a few covered with fabric:

A few of the things I have been working on are still under wraps, but here is a little sneak:
I can't wait to show you all the things I have been working on!

One thought on “I can’t believe it’s already Thursday…

  1. I think you should do this months tutorial on hexagons. I havent even thought about it yet. I could discuss the charity stuff.Great runner.

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