Another finish…

I spent the evening and a little bit of this morning tackling some hand sewing while catching up on some of the real housewives and a little bit of the golden girls. My first actual quilt is now complete, but since it isn't very sunny right now, I am putting off taking a picture of the whole quilt until later today. 

There is something so relaxing about sewing on the binding and seeing the whole quilt just come together. (* I tried out a new tip I saw here on splityarn, the binder clip worked out really well and was very effective.)

A few projects are in the works, that if all goes well will be up on the blog later this week. This weekend is going to be filled with tackling a few more things on my to-do list (mainly another small quilt, some pattern writing, working on a hexagon tutorial for the magic valley modern quilt guild, and hopefully sewing up a skirt.) Other none sewing plans include maybe heading out to the local western days celebration, some gardening, catching up on some paper work and maybe I will do a little cooking. Hopefully, the weather warms up so I can spend some time outside while working on a few of these projects.

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