I am ready for some changes and I have decided that the month of May is going to be all about "Restyling" various aspects of my life (this will also help me cross off a few more of the 26 things to do before I turn 27 list). My days have been getting busier and my life is taking a different direction from what I thought it would be like a few years ago. I think it is the perfect time to change things up and help things move along towards some of my new goals. 

These are the areas that I am planning on "Restyling":
•My daily schedule (right now things are all over the map in sort of a crazy mess and I think that this will help overall with my time management. I am hoping this will also create a little more time for me to get more projects finished up. I am breaking out iCal to keep me on track.) 
•My portfolio (I have been working on updating it and I need to really tackle it this month)
•Workouts & Mealtimes (just getting more of a schedule with these things)
•Updating my wardrobe and look 
• My Studio 

I really am just looking forward to (hopefully) improve things in order to get a little more accomplished during the day and get a little more sleep at night. 
My project to-do list did see a little bit of progress over the weekend. I finished up the hexagon top in between wiping running noses for the little guy. Unfortunately, I now have his cold. (I am making it for my mom for mother's day and will hopefully get it finished by Sunday.) 

well, I am off now to do a little resting, planning, and hopefully be able to stay up to watch the premiere of The New Jersey Housewives tonight. 

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