Right now I am loving the warmer weather. My productivity level has certainly increased these last couple of days. Last night's quilt guild meeting was a blast (I always have fun anyways!) I finished up my dress also known as prototype number 1. 
I wore it last night to the guild meeting, you know giving it a trial run, so I can change up the pattern if necessary.(By the way don't you just love self-timer photos–wink.) I made it out of a 2 way knit and left the bottom hem raw. So far it is super comfy and next week I am planning on making it out of cotton print, plus a few optional accessories to go with it. 

I have been busy sewing some other little projects, such as these wonky stars:

I also signed up for the swap that our guild is doing, so be prepared to see more of these around here on the blog. As for this one, I am turning it into a large (the block is 12" x 12") trivet for the kitchen. 

  Over the weekend, I plan on finishing up a few more UFO's, so I can get started on some new projects. Also, I am hoping to have the free summer shorts tutorial for boys & girls up next week. 


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