A little of this, a little of that…

This weekend was super productive. I finished my first ever (bigger than a mini quilt) quilt top:
(I know it is a little sneak peak, but I want to show the whole thing finished in a couple of days! *you can scroll down a few posts to see a larger sneak peak…)

Also, almost finished with a boy's shirt:

I ran out of brown thread, so I went and picked some more up this afternoon…

This is the stack of paper hexagons, all cut out and ready to be covered in fabric and basted…

and some reading material for when I am taking a little break:

 The Stitch magazine and The Handmade Beginnings book already have a few projects marked to be made, if I get caught up on a few things. Nothing else really notable is going on around here, mainly just catching up on a lot of sewing, working on a new pattern, watching some reality tv, working on creating some sewing classes, and working on any other unfinished projects that I find laying around. 

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