A Busy Thursday

Tonight is the third meeting of the Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild. I am really excited, I think tonight will be a great meeting and full of interesting discussions. I have really been quite productive this week in the sewing area. I have been working on a new patterns, some tutorials that will be appearing here on the blog soon, finishing up some mini quilts, doing some sketching, and catching up on some reading. Tomorrow, I will have a full post of some quilting after I share them with the quilt guild tonight. 

Here is a peak at a new top pattern I am in the middle of working on:
This top is in the infant stages of development (it is only draped and pinned so far), but I like where it is headed.

I also picked up some new fabric from The Quilt Barn
I am hoping to have these sewn into some summer clothing by the end of next week. Hopefully, anyways. 
Alright, I am off to make a dessert for quilt guild tonight… 

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