Tuesdays in the Garden: Plants…

Things are growing like crazy in the greenhouse and with the nicer weather we have been having the greenhouse needs to be opened up since it hits a 100º and up. Last week, I picked up a few more plants:
 The strawberries have actually already been planted, but I will show you the strawberry patch next week… (ooh, the suspense!)
Here are some of the other things that are happening in the greenhouse:
This week, I must make a more newspaper pots because we have only planted about half of all the vegetables and such that I have planned for the garden. Hopefully, I will have time this weekend to get some seeds planted. How is your garden coming along?

One thought on “Tuesdays in the Garden: Plants…

  1. I have 5 rhubarb plants that are doing awesome. Our fruit trees have leaves and the blackberries and raspberries have leaves too. I planted peans and need to plant my beans.

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