I fell for them…

hexagons, that is. I have held off trying on starting another project, let alone paper pieced hexagons, but I had some leftover fabric, some time, and this tutorial on The Sometime's Crafter. So far I have basted 22 hexagons and started whipstitching the rows together. I am addicted and already thinking of a few other projects I can make using them. 

and here is the layout of them:

I am probably going to give this to my mom for mother's day, if I get it finished up in time. 

In other exciting news, I got some new glasses. No more sitting with lopsided falling off broken glasses and I got them to match my old glasses as close as they could. (the awesome lady at the glasses shop found these ones when she found out the ones that I originally found were backorder through the mid to end of may) I am so happy with them…

on a side note: I think I need to get a tan 🙂

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