I can’t believe that it is almost May…

Really where has April gone. I seriously have no idea where the time as gone. I have been a lot busier than the past few months which is actually really refreshing and given me a lot more confidence in moving forward with all aspects of my life. So I thought I would do a little check in with my 26 things to do before I turn 27 goals, I think I made a little more progress with them this month. (items in blue are the status of each goal, I want to make sure that I keep up with them) 
1. Practice yoga 3 times a week (I am average 2-3 times a week, but have been alternating with other forms of exercise)
2. Start my own business (reworking my business plan and working on branding)
3. Illustrate 5 days a week (I have been sketching small sketches almost every day- working on just drawing something everyday whether it is on paper or the computer)
4. Read 1 book a month (6 books have been read and I am almost through another one)
5. Conquer Iced sugar cookies
6. Wear high heels several times a week (one average about 1-2 times a week, but with the weather warming up and I have my high on some new wedges, I think I will be meeting this goal in the next couple of months)
7. Sew 1 quilt at least full sized (work in progress, a zig zag quilt for x)
8. Make more of my own clothes (started a new shirt, drafting a new dress, and have another summer shirt in the works)
9. Eat more fresh food (I actually have been doing fairly well on this one, except for one week. I also have been actively using the Shape virtual trainer to help take my eating and exercising, I have already lost some weight!) 
10. Drink only 1-2 pops a month until zero
11. Have a nightly ritual (like tea, cookie, and sketching) Tea won!!
12. Clean out my studio and simplify (made huge progress on this goal, I just have the closet, a few boxes of stuff, and one sewing area left to clean out and organize) 
13. Build a website (I have the plan & did the illustrations for it)
14. Plant another garden (things are sprouting like crazy in the greenhouse)
15. Bake more (3 times a week this month)
16. Scrapbook at least twice a month (I really need to attack this one)
17. Improve my photography (I have been busy taking lots of photos and practicing using the macro setting)
18. Keep up my relationships (I am really working on this one. Sometimes life really throws you curveballs in this area, but I am trying to make sure all the people that are in my life are great relationships and that I am making an effort to keep them strong)
19. Organize my "library"
20. Back up my computer frequently (I need to get something to back it up on)
21. Take time to be present in the moment (I am really trying to make sure that I am actively listening and participating in the activities that I am taking part of, whether with my son, my parents, or spending time with my friends)
22. Have a booth at a craft fair
23. Quilt Market (have a booth at ) (probably won't happen until next year, but I am working on it)
24. Design my own fabric line (I have been busy practicing my pattern repeat skills by designing backgrounds for my blog)
25. Have a girl's night out once a month (this is pretty much attending quilt guild meetings which is a ton of fun) 
26. Go on a solo weekend adventure 
I am very excited that I am making great progress on these goals and hopefully I will make a bunch of headway on them next month, so I can get a few more crossed off. 

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