Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend, mine was tons of fun and I finally was able to see X enjoy his new toys…
 Here was his basket. The lamb was a last minute addition; the tutorial was found at the purl bee. The only things I changed were that I just used regular felt, machine stitched the ears on (since x is super tough on things), and it only took about 20 minutes for me to whip up the other night.
and here was the finished bunny bowling (tutorial from the long thread). X loves them and has played with them quite a lot already. I am planning on making a little mat  (like a bowling lane) so it is easier for him to play.
I really loved how these turned out and the tutorial was really good. I did change a few things: first I ran a zig-zag stitch in the seam allowance (to reinforce it) and then instead of just pouring the rice in loose, I put the rice in a plastic bag and then stuffed it into the base. Both of these were precautions against the hard wear that they are probably going to go through, since x is super hard on toys, I could just picture loose rice all over the living room. The only other change that I would make (if I made them ever again) would be to make them slightly larger. 
Today, I also made a little progress on a few more projects that I am hoping to get done this week. What do you have planned?

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