End of April

I really can't believe how fast April went and I have a feeling that May won't be slowing down any. Last night, I spent a little time working on a few different projects. One is a little top secret for right now, but I did start working on a tutorial for a quick summer dress. (seriously, you will be able to make it in less than 2 hours and possibly even 1 and it is super comfy! I used a solid knit with a nice amount of stretch.) Here is the technical drawing for it:
This dress is really basic but very versatile. The back and the front are actually the same. A really simple shape, a v-neck, and some elastic thread to add some shirring while adding a little bit of shape to the waist and the shoulders. I have a couple plans for styling it differently:

*click the image to enlarge
The first illustration on the left shows the dress just as it is. For the second one I am planning on creating a belt that can tie in the front or the back- this will cover up the shirring around the waist but add a different option to wearing the dress. The third one shows just a cute print belt that I plan on adding buttons to the back for a little extra detail. The final option has a little cardigan with a flower brooch. These are just a few of my thoughts some of the possible styling options. Plus it will actually transition well in to the fall and even winter. I can already picture this with leggings or long sleeved sweaters. This is one dress that I will be making over and over in solids and prints. 

Then while watching a little bit of some re-runs of the New York City Housewives, I whipstitched 3 of the 5 rows of hexagons together before I called it a night. Seriously, why do the new episodes of the housewives come on at a 11 (not that it even matters since Bravo replays them all the time. I <3 that). I am hoping to catch a re-run of it today, while I finish up editing some photos.  

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