on whether I am going to make it to the trail to do a little jogging (if the wind wasn't starting to pick up, I know I wouldn't be hesitating, but come on Mother nature the wind and snow/rain just isn't cutting it anymore for me. I would like some warmer weather please and hopefully the jogging strollers tires are still full air) or else I might just stay home and do some yoga (but I did do this yesterday along with my budding little yoga man, seriously have you tried doing yoga with a crazy 2 year old climbing all over/under/helping you). Nothing like being indecisive about what workout you want to do in order to keep procrastinating, well and getting sucked into my google reader (I seriously love that thing, if you have a blog I would love to check it out and add it to my reader). 
I have been actually doing a few projects in my 40 minute time frame (that is if x decides to take a nap). I almost have a really late Christmas gift done (I know it is almost May, but Jo-anns finally got in the batting I needed, no joke 3 months of waiting, I would have ordered it online but the shipping cost more then the amount for the batting.) Hopefully, it will turn out and look awesome. It is a project from the One Yard Wonders book- I will share the completed project next week. 
Lately, I have been trying to find projects that I can sew really quickly or have different stages that make for good stopping points or has some things I can work on downstairs while x is awake (like hand sewing, small amounts of tracing & cutting, etc.) Needless to say my sewing skills are really speeding up, plus it makes it easy to know when to change the machine needle about every 10 days or so (I do keep a little sticky note on my machine to mark an hour of sewing down, just trying to keep it maintained since it seems to be getting a little fed up with me lately.) Yesterday, I spent a little time working on making some triangle blocks for the sew-along at Sew, Mama, Sew. I used some Amy Bulter Midwest Modern fabric and some muslin. Now, I am not sure which of these 5 block designs I like best: 





skinny diamonds

The block is fairly big and should end up around 16"x16", I am not sure if I am going to attempt to make a lap quilt or just make a mini-quilt to hang on the wall. I really like working with the triangles because they are so quick and easy to make the squares then the designs are limitless it seems. Some of the designs could easily be broken down in to blocks 4"x4" with sashing in between them. There are just so many options and I am being indecisive. What's your favorite?

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