Back to our routine…

this week was a great diversion from my normal routine. One of my best pals, Megan, came to visit Xavier and me for a whole 4 days. We hung out, talked, went to the movies, bowling, shopping, a quilt guild meeting, watched a lot of reality tv, and ate way tooo much yummy food. Needless, say it was a fun way to break up my routine, reconnect with one of my dearest friends, and stay really busy doing nothing but fabulous things. 
Now, I am going to be getting back into my regular routine of chasing, playing, and running around with Xavier while trying to fit in a whole bunch of my to-dos. I have taken on some new responsibilities which I am more than excited about. I am taking today to make a large dent in my project to-do list, hopefully I will have some photos to share with you tomorrow. Here's to a great start to the weekend. 

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