A Recap of the April Modern Quilt Guild Meeting

The April meeting of the Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild was a ton of fun. I think that the next meeting will be awesome since this was the first meeting with officers and we were still in a little bit of the planning phase. Since I am president, I did a lot of speaking, which was a little nerve racking (public speaking is not my strong suit, I remember in 9th grade speech class, I prepared a 9 minute speech but read it in under 4 minutes, but I did learn a whole lot from that experience. Mainly, slow down so people can understand what the heck you are saying. Anyways, back to what I was saying…) I had a great time and learned a ton (plus made a bunch of notes for the May meeting, which I think is shaping up quite nicely!). I am glad that we had a great turnout for the second meeting (about 18 people) and am hoping to see even more people at the next one. Hopefully, everyone had some fun and is excited to see how our guild grows in both projects, friendships, learning, and inspiration. 

Here are a few photos from the meeting:
 Here I am in the middle of talking and probably going on and on about something…

Here is one of Jenelle (on the far left: our lovely secretary and who has also been making some awesome baby quilts), Tara (in the middle: our awesome vice president explaining how to make string quilts) and me (on the far right: assisting in holding the quilt).
Honestly, for me it is also a great way to meet people and do a little socializing with someone other than a 2 1/2 year old and my parents. I am not sure why it is so hard to make friends where I live, but it really is difficult, not to mention that I am busy taking care of a toddler who needs very little sleep and working on creating a career that can provide for me and my son. I really do love being around creative people, it gives me tons of motivation and inspiration to keep trucking along on all of my projects. 
I am all ready busy at work on the May agenda, planning a little thank you email with links to go out tomorrow, and hopefully I will have a few projects for show'n'tell. And YES, I am already way excited for the next meeting! (if you couldn't tell already 😉 )

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