Tuesdays in the Garden: Vegetables

so last year's garden yielded lots of veggies and lots of learning. (not just a lot of learning but frankly some stuff just failed)  I have made a few changes in the layout of the garden and adjusted the amount of each vegetable that will be grown in order to hopefully have fewer vegetable failures, but who knows how this year's will turn out. Here is recap from last year's garden:
Carrots- this year I will be planting a lot more of these, I froze some for the winter and they actually all got eaten already. I think these were the hands down favorites from the family.
Zucchini-this year I will be planting a lot less of these because they were out of control last year (I think they became the vain of my existence at some point) and we still have a ton that I froze. 
Pumpkins- probably do fewer of these mainly because I didn't have much time to carve them, but I did have a rather large pumpkin patch 😉 I also planted them to close together so it became a woven mess of mini pumpkins, sugar pumpkins, and Connecticut pumpkins, in which I preferred not to walk through…

 Bell Peppers- these actually failed in the garden (disease hit these hard), I think we only ate one- so I will attempt this again this year

Hot peppers- Last year these were a success but I will probably plant a lot less this year mainly because most went to waste

Lettuce & Arugula- I planted way too much of this at one time last year and it became a giant lettuce mess so I will be sowing more often in fewer quantity 

Beets- (I loathe them, my mom loves them) so I will plant probably quite a few more because I made some pickled beets and apparently they were a hit.

Cucumbers- this year I am planning on growing a ton of these, why might you ask, the pickle people of my house love the dill & bread & butter pickles. All the jars have almost been consumed 

Onions- not really a huge success last year but I am going to try this year again

Garlic- failed last year, going to try it again

Corn- not even going to attempt this year since raccoons ate it all… and I mean all of it…
Peas- were a huge hit last year, so I am going to plant a lot more so I can freeze some for the winter

Beans- were okay and will probably plant about the same amount

Radishes- I loved these so I think I will try and up the quantity of those
Acorn Squash- was low in quantity but tasted great

Butternut Squash- was eaten up by something not sure what

Eggplant- needed more sun, I think so we only had a couple 

You would think by the amount of vegetables I had a farm, but I just have several gardens going in different areas and I just trying growing all kinds of random things. Really I just give it a whirl and have no clue what I am doing. Next week, I will recap tomatoes & melons along with the flowers!

3 thoughts on “Tuesdays in the Garden: Vegetables

  1. Wow! You had an awesome vegetable garden! Im so jealous of your carrots 🙂 I sowed mine last week (in Sicily Spring has already arrived) but they cant be seen yet… You did a great job, Im amazed!

  2. thanks for the garden love! What all have you planted so far? I would love to see your garden and I am jealous that spring is all ready in full force in Sicily!

  3. At the moment we hava fava beans, green beans, carrots, peas and soia beans… theyre growing fast! Im not sure I have to tell you but… we managed to have tomatoes for all winter without fertilizer or grenhouse… Ill send you some pictures!

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