Tuesdays in the Garden: Plant Update

Here is one little sprout (of course now there are a bunch more sprouts that are taller, but this one was one of the first. I will have to get out to the greenhouse today and take a few more photos of the new plants)
 Here is another little one just starting to break through the soil.
 One thing for sure is these little plants need quite a lot of water. My water schedule is once in the morning and once in the evening because if it is fairly sunny and warm out, the greenhouse reaches a lovely 100º. I actually love working in there when it is around 80-85º. All the newspaper pots I have made so far have been filled with soil and seeds have been planted. Tomorrow night I am going to spend the night rolling more newspaper pots while watching criminal minds… oh, yeah I almost forgot, I also picked up some of these:
 How's your garden growing?

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