Tuesdays in the Garden: Herbs Recap

So this is the last recap in my garden series, Herbs. I tried out quite a few last year and realized I didn't even use them that much. So this leads me to two theories for this year: a) plant fewer of only what I might actually use or b) make more of an effort to use what I have planted. 

 Mint- this was great, I used it in teas a lot but still a lot went to waste

Chives- again semi-used but I mostly added them to eggs in the morning along with parsley and red onion

Basil- This was a nice big plant and probably tied with parsley for most used

Italian Parsley- really grew and was used a ton

Rosemary- The best growing overall plant and happens to be one of my favorite herbs, but I didn't use as much as I could have and I forgot to dig it out and bring it inside. 

Dill- This was awesome and I ran out of it (I made lots of Dill Pickles) so this year I plan on planting a larger amount, plus i <3 dill.

Sage- under used but grew well

Thai Basil- looked pretty but I don't think I even used it

Cilantro- used this one up and it did grow okay

Thyme- This was a little bit of a wimpy plant and so it didn't turn out for me last year but I will give it another go more than likely.

I did break out the dehydrator and attempted to dry some of the herbs. My thoughts on this are: 1) Time consuming (you have to rotate the trays every hour or so and it seems to take a couple of days) 2) You really need to dry one type of herb at a time and 3) some just stuck to the trays and the yield was low. I haven't really thought too much about what my plan is for this area of the garden- it is probably going to be the last area I plan. In other gardening fun, my dad and I are going to be working on the finishing building my greenhouse over the next couple of days. Can't wait to show you!

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