Tuesdays in the Garden: Greenhouse Update

So, this is basically the finished greenhouse, except for a coat of paint I want to get up on the inside and a few more shelves. 
I totally forgot to take a photo of the inside, so that will have to wait until I get back up there. Here are some of the newspaper pots that I planted already:
There aren't any seedlings up yet but hopefully later this week some will sprout. 
I did make a few dents in my list of projects today. I also spent some time actually socializing with some over the age of 2 today, had a lovely latte and pastry at Starbucks, and took little guy to the park (the first time of the season and I am sure not the last). I love busy springtime days!!

One thought on “Tuesdays in the Garden: Greenhouse Update

  1. How old is your little guy? My youngest is 4. We should go to the park and have a pastry someday.Plus I would love to see your greenhouse.

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