This Morning…

I took photos of this pillow I finished yesterday:
 I am so in love with it, especially the hot pink piping around the edge.
This is how I am rocking it this morning with my broken glasses (I think I must look like this most of the day in front of my computer, well when I am not chasing xavier all around):
Look closely and you can see the side of my glasses is missing, from the front it makes them very crooked:
 yeah, super goofy but I think I hear something going on with x:
wonder what he is up to?
yeah this can't be good… I better check this out, hold on a minute… alright I am back, remember the orange scarf:
here it is all knitted up and waiting for my mom to crochet some flowers for it, then it will be finished. (for some reason crocheting and I have not become friends- I have a feeling this isn't going to change for sometime)

this is also waiting for some crocheted flowers:

well, I am to take the chicken stock off the stove and get it into the fridge and then I am off to go fabric shopping with my friend Becky. It's going to be a great afternoon!

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