Sketchboard #17

Here is was the swatchboard from early in the week:
 *click images to enlarge; fabric swatches and poppy logo from Michael Miller Fabrics and the entire collection can be found here: Poppy by Laura Gunn. 
The quilt design and technical drawings are one that I created. 
Here are the details for featured fabrics:  
A. DC4271_Spice Skinny Stripes
B.DC4274_Spice Big Poppy
C. DC3727_Citron Scattered Lantern Pods
D. DC4267_Denim Dogwood Stripe
E. DC4269_Denim Poppy Silhouette
F. DC4270_Aqua Peeking Polka Dot
G. DC4274_Aqua Big Poppy
H. DC4270_Lime Peeking Polka Dot
 Here are few other things I like would be lovely with this fabric:
 Fabric Art from Jen at David and Daisy via Sew, Mama, Sew

Sorry for the delay this week on getting the board up, it was actually almost finished, but I went on a little road trip on Friday. Then yesterday, I finished up the board in the morning, went out to the greenhouse, started planting things, and then stepped on a NAIL!!! So the rest of the day involved a lot of sitting around with a little hobbling. Anyways, I am really excited about the quilt design, I am working it up into a pattern and will be making one for my mom! Well, have a great rest of the weekend… 

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