I finally got my design wall finished and hung up. It measures 60" x 60" and fits perfectly on the wall next to my drawing table. (I used 6 pieces of foam core board that were 20" x 30" and duct taped them together. Then while rummaging around in the messy upstairs closet, I found some heavy white cotton that was perfect to cover it.) I can't wait to get a few more blocks up on it and plan out new quilts and such.

 The bunnies for bunny bowling are coming to life slowly (slowly as in I am in a sleep deprived my-two-year old has started having nightmares and pretty much stopped taking any sort of afternoon naps state, which is making my days filled with plenty of coffee, workouts to make it able to chase the little guy, some baking, plenty of blog reading, finding a new printer since mine broke, and figuring out time when I am going to get in the studio to work on my growing sewing to-do list.) 

I better hop to (totally had to put that little pun in there) it if I am going to get them finished up by Easter plus I have plans to make a softie as well… 

In other fabric news, my stack of knits are continuing to grow. I am absolutely in love with them and can't wait to dig into them.

and I just added another 2 yards of a deep blue today!

I also have started a small collection of elastic. (I love how when I start any new project, I pretty much become obsessed with the idea and then my collections grow and grow and grow. Does this ever happen to you?)

hopefully, I will have a finished project to show you next week using this elastic. Working on some patterns and tests later this weekend if all goes according to plan. 

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