Just a few of the things I am working on right now

I have sooo many works in progress right now, it is kind of insane, but I am making dents here and there on the list. Of course I added new projects to the list, but who doesn't do that when you have a list full of half-completed projects. So for the first thing I am working on:
 These are little guys are going to become stamps for shirts for x. (as a side note they are sitting on my mouse pad- I took some leftover fabric (from Heather Baileys Pop Garden Collection), some fusible web and ironed it right on there. It sure was an easy way to use up some scraps!) Anyways back to the stamps, I drew up some basic boy kind of motifs (an arrow, a funky diamond that in my head is going to look awesome, and a lightning bolt) on some extra linoleum blocks I had lying around. Next up carving them plus this is a great project for doing downstairs while watching x. 
Okay, so this technically belongs in Tuesdays in the Garden, but I forgot I took a photo of it. In my quest for figuring out how I am going to mark where things are in the garden (last year's Popsicle sticks and duct tape labels sucked decomposed and broke off), I found some awesome more permanent ones online and thought, "I can make those!" Enter the metal stamp & die set along with some metal (the above is just a tester but it says cucumbers) I am going to be busy hammering out all the words and then rubbing with some acrylic paint. This way the word are clearly visible.
 The bunny bowling project for x's easter basket is coming along, they now have faces and
 have ears and some shape. They are now cozy upstairs waiting to get some interfacing in the ears and followed up by sewing them together and getting some batting in them along with some rice so they stand up nicely. 
 I picked up some new magazines, how I love reading magazines, probably one of my many crazy addictions. (from left to right: Shape- I love this magazine and in my quest to lose weight it helps me stay motivated; Threads- a must for garment sewing and techniques, I learn a ton from every issue; Cooking Light- this is the first time I have picked this magazine up, my cousin loves it and my mom found $1 off coupon, so I thought I would give it a go!) 
 Some knits I picked up at Jo-Anns. (I also picked up a pink, red, and brown yesterday along with some elastic and some gray serger thread.) These are for some upcoming projects and for some patterns I am working on.
 Some new fat quarters: (from left to right) one for x' quilt, one from moda's authentic for a shirt or pants trim for x, and some anna maria horner for a clutch for me (Sorry for the blurry photo I am having issues with blogger's new photo uploader thing) 
Working on a muslin for the Study Hall Skirt pattern from Anna Maria Horner. I have already picked out the final fabric for it but I wanted to make a test to see how it fits first. 
Of course I have other random projects going: some pillowcases for the pillowcase challenge, some pants and shorts for x, another skirt for me, a zig-zag quilt for x, some pot holders, and a cat tepee for Bentley. I am going to try really hard to get more of these crossed off in the next couple of weeks.
This week has been what I feel as unusually busy for me or maybe I am just feeling more like my old self, moving forward in this new chapter of my life, and actually feeling like getting out of the house and doing things. I have also been reaching some of my goals and being more productive in a bunch of different areas of my life which is going a long way in boosting my mood. Hopefully this keeps up!

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  1. I just bought some of those metal stamps and was going to be stamping on silverware. Maybe some basil ones or something for the garden.And I am addicted to magazines too. Last year was such a disappointment with with cancellation of so many good magazines.

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