The Return of the Swatch Board… #12

So, in case you forgot or are new to reading the blog… I make a little swatch board full of some of my favorite fabrics for the week or ones that I wish were in my fabric stash. Sometimes they are collections (like this week) other times themes: like love, boy, girl, ocean, etc. The boards go up on Wednesday and on Friday, I put up the Sketch board where I do little illustrations and show you what I would make with the chosen fabrics from the Swatch board. (I am making a few additions to the Swatch Board, but you will have to wait until Friday for that.) So here we go:
*note: you can click on the image to make it larger
This week I chose Make Life by Sweetwater from Moda
A. 5422 16 Ivory 
B. 5421 21 Multi
C. 5424 21 Grass
D. 5423 23 Ocean
E. 5424 24 Earth
F. 5420 13 Sun

I also chose Verna by Kate Spain from Moda
1. 27002 12 Daybreak
2. 27006 11 Budding Pink
3. 27004 15 Ivory
4. 27008 24 Dark Green
5. 27000 15 Ivory
6. 27005 13 Dewdrop
7. 27001 13 Dewdrop
8. 27011 17 Earth

This week I was really craving spring, so that led to my fabric choices. Are you ready for spring?

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