Swatch Board #13

*click image to enlarge
I am loving this collection Botany by Lauren + Jessi Jung from Moda which is coming out in April. I am going to have to get my hands on these:
A. 25022 20 Bark
B. 25021 12 Ripple
C. 25020 13 Bloom
D. 25028 20 Grass
E. 25030 12 Bloom
F. 25026 11 Cloud
G. 25025 19 Grass
I haven't had much time to get much sewing done over the last two weeks, but I am planning on getting a few blocks done for my quilt guild meeting along with the challenge. I have made a list of my to-do/work-in progress projects that I want to finish up, and soon I should have something fun to show you all!

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