Spring Top

So here is the finished top I made from a regular over-sized T-shirt. (*I am attempting to pretend like I may possess some sort of modeling talent and I forgot to open the blinds for some natural light so everything is tinted a little funky-like. Can't win them all.)
Ruffle Tank Top
It is super comfy and right now I will probably pair it with my gray cardigan and my skinny jeans. I think it took me about an 60 to 90 minutes to put this together, mainly because I ran out of thread and x would wake up in the middle of sewing…

Also, I wanted to share this article that my friend Madison has written for the global fashion magazine, Lucire. She is a very talented writer, designer and all around great person, so I hope you check it out! 

This afternoon I will post Tuesdays in the Garden!!!

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