Sorting & Purging

A misplaced paper (that I haven't found as of yet) led to a lot of sorting & purging around here. When I moved back a home, I piled boxes from the move into the garage and haven't really touched them a whole lot since. I spent a large amount of time going through each box sorting, deciding what to keep, repacking some stuff and getting some stuff in to yard sale boxes, needless to say it was time consuming and emotional draining to go through things from the last 8 years. Yesterday, I finally tackled the last boxes and I feel so much better (although my room is going to need to be organized now). I still need to accomplish a little clean out here and there, but I am making progress.
Sewing has been on the back burner lately, but I am hoping to figure out how to fit it back into my day. I have a list of projects to start/finish up and I am really hoping next week to get some time to work on them. 
On today's agenda:
~sort some more stuff
~finish x's valentine's so I can get them mailed out this week
~bake a red velvet cake
~do some scheduling in my calendar for the garden 
*all while watching a lifetime movie marathon 

What's on your agenda?

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