Garden 2010
I really found a passion for gardening last year and this year I think will be even better. Yes, when I do something I generally go BIG and this year's will be no exception. Last year's garden taught me a lot like: a early morning activity, weeding is relaxing in small doses, I enjoy photographing the garden (some of photos have even landed in a book out this month), lost all of the corn to raccoons, learned to can (I make great pickles apparently), and really just to try it and see what happens. 
Here is a look back at some of last year's goodies:
Things I am going to do/try and accomplish with this year's garden:
~Use the greenhouse my dad is building for me
~Find a balance of garden/summer activities/sewing/designing patterns
~Grow more flowers (especially a cutting garden)
~Plant corn in its new location
~Plant Heirloom Tomatoes
~Just have a bunch of fun, eat more fresh food and do a lot of cooking!!!

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  1. Last years garden looked lovely! I havent quite started planning my 2010 garden, but I should, and soon. I love the winter-garden-catalog-browsing times.KristinaSweetfern Handmade

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