It’s raining and it’s a Monday and I’m loving it…

contrary to The Carpenters, but Rainy Days and Mondays is one of my favorite songs by them. I hope everyone had a fun Valentine's Day, it was really low key around here- just some balloons for x and I spent the day reorganizing my room. I am glad that I got that off my to-do list. Today is going to be filled with cleaning, purging, and organizing the studio. It is quite the disaster up there. 
 *buttons to sort
*a pile of fabric to and other goodies to sort and find a place to store them
*piles & piles & piles of papers, patterns, drafts, and random stuff to sort

Plus, a closet to clean out, books to organize, and a long list of sewing projects to complete. I have so many things that I want to work on, but am holding off until I get the studio cleaned out. I have drank my coffee, grabbed a pile of garbage bags, stacked up a pile of empty boxes, and so it begins…
What are you working on?

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