Happy February!!!

Now, that the groundhog as said there will be 6 more weeks of winter, I am going to use the that time to plan my garden, finish up a bunch of sewing projects, and work on my list of 26 things. I thought I would do a progress report on that, here's the list: (items in red are the status of each goal, I want to make sure that I keep up with them) 

1. Practice yoga 3 times a week (I signed up at Shape.com for the virtual training & am going to check out a gym this weekend; I think I might just make this one more of a getting fit goal)
2. Start my own business (my business plan is done, now I just need to find some quiet time to start making things happen)
3. Illustrate 5 days a week (I would say I am at about 1-2 days a week right now)
4. Read 1 book a month (so far I have read 5 since Nov. a little bit ahead on this one)
5. Conquer Iced sugar cookies
6. Wear high heels several times a week
7. Sew 1 quilt at least full sized (work in progress, a zig zag quilt for x)
8. Make more of my own clothes
9. Eat more fresh food
10. Drink only 1-2 pops a month until zero (was doing great on this, but had a small relapse with wild cherry pepsi and now i am back to doing okay)
11. Have a nightly ritual (like tea, cookie, and sketching) Tea won!!
12. Clean out my studio and simplify (this is happening slowly, but surely)
13. Build a website
14. Plant another garden (starting my plan for this, my dad built me a greenhouse)
15. Bake more (I have been baking at least once a week)
16. Scrapbook at least twice a month
17. Improve my photography
18. Keep up my relationships (I am working on maintaining, reconnecting, and establishing friendships, sometimes I just get to busy with stuff. So I wanted to make sure that this year I make people a priority)
19. Organize my "library"
20. Back up my computer frequently
21. Take time to be present in the moment
22. Have a booth at a craft fair
23. Quilt Market (have a booth at )
24. Design my own fabric line
25. Have a girl's night out once a month
26. Go on a solo weekend adventure 
It's nice to see that I am making some progress because it didn't really seem like it. Yesterday, I didn't get much of anything done, due to a migraine so I need make up for lost time.  Heading up to the studio with a cup of tea, have a great day!!

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