Some Inspiration

so every few months I take everything off my inspiration board and redo it. I love this process and find all sorts fun in taking the time to put it all together, plus it keeps me on track for future projects. I thought I would share it with you along with the color combos I am loving right now.
Here is a look at the entire board. I have four stories going on which will inspire future designs, fabric selections and photo shoots. (Most of the photos are torn out from magazines, while I add paint swatches to highlight color palettes and other notions to bring out more of the story) For the next month, I hope to show you how I use each one of these stories to develop projects or influence my artwork. I hope you enjoy seeing my creative process.

1. Glitter/Sparkle
I didn't really go with an color on this one, I am just in love with big chunky sparkles with bold color choices.
2. Neutral
cream, robin's egg blue, tan and gold
3. Spring
white, salmon, sky blue, grass green
4. Love Story
Red, Plum, Black

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