Saturday Mornings

seem to involve coffee, blogs, blogging, email for me and soy milk, bananas, and spongebob for x. (eventually I turn the tv over to Law & Order reruns when he is done & then check out the Lifetime movies for the day). The last few days have been very busy around here: cleaning out boxes of stuff, sorting, purging, and reorganizing. I did make it to my quilt guild meeting on Thursday night which is always a load of fun. There was a fun speaker about color theory, saw some beautiful quilts, and had a just a fun time learning new stuff. One thing that really caught my attention was this: 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. I am already am joining in on this project and hope to make quite a few in my spare time. The pillowcases go to people in hospitals or places in need in your community. Check it out!

On today's to-do list is a lot more cleaning and sorting, printing off Xavier's valentine cards, making envelopes for them, and hopefully finishing the new buttons for the tutorials. (I decided to go with a picture of each tutorial on the left so it is easy to see what each project is… I am only half way through them.) If I can stay awake tonight I am going to get my scarf that I am knitting finished up, here's to a busy day!!!

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