Camera Batteries are dead…

so I haven't been taking any photos for a few days, but I am getting some stuff of my to-do list.
– First I finished my book for January (I am still on target with the read 1 book a month goal)
– Took the photos for the Valentine cards this year
– Have 2 Valentine tutorials in the works
– Worked on the sketches for the February blog banner and background (they are almost done)
– Made some baking plans which include a red velvet 2 layer heart cake and heart sugar cookies
– Knitted half a scarf
– Finished this stamp:

Still have a few things I am going to try and get crossed off my list by the end of January
– Organize all my books
– Design Valentine card and print
– Sew cat teepee
– Sew a baby gift
– Write 3 tutorials
– and pick another thing off of my list of 26 things to do before I turn 27 to finish

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