So I was wondering….

where the time went over the last two weeks or so. I have been busy working on projects and dealing with life and the blog just sort of got lost, but not to worry I am back and have lots of great stuff planned for the next 2 months.

So now I have a few questions for you guys (the readers)

1) What kind of projects do you like to make during the holidays?
2) Do you gravitate toward projects that are for the holidays or projects that can be enjoyed after the holidays?
3) Would you be interested in buying kits from a site like esty (instructions and materials would be included, you would need to have the basic tools to make them with like; sewing machine, scissors, thread, etc)?

If you would be so kind to leave me a comment that would be awesome.

One thought on “So I was wondering….

  1. This year I am trying to make more than I buy – this includes baked treats (breads, Christmas cookies). For all of my female gift recipients I am make a new pattern (not even out yet, hopeful that it will arrive in time) from Lazy Girl Designs, called the Maggie bag (I think). Its a very easy small cute bag pattern that you can make with just 2 10 inch squares of fabric and your batting and velcro. 2) To make a long story even longer, this would be something they could use after the holiday. 3) Kits… are nice, but I dont always see the fabrics that I would pick, so I dont purchase often.Glad to have you back posting! Blog header looks good.

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