Spiral Notebooks- I am Seriously Addicted to Them

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make some fun notebooks! I have been busy using up things in my scrapbooking stash (only so I can eventually get more, trying to live a little more simply and use what I have and figure out the basic stuff i need) I made two of these for some cousins with their inital on them and presented a crayon roll filled up with fresh crayons! They loved them! In the example, is one I made to house sewing notes-

Materials needed:
White Paper (legal size computer paper cut in half)
Cardstock (I chose black from Bazzill)
Transparency (I chose a pink houndstooth by Hambly)
Bind-it all (the machine)
Spiral wire (I chose a white 3/4")
Rub-ons (I chose several Hambly ones)
Stickers (I chose some from Sassafrass Lass)
Cut all of your chipboard, white paper, cardstock, and transparency to 8.5" x 7" (*note: you can really make them any size- I just happened to have a bunch of white legal paper and just cut it in half so there wouldn't be any waste, and for me it turned out to be just the right size for a notebook)
Stack your papers into this order – Bottom to top- chipboard, white paper, cardstock (black), and transparency (houndstooth)
Grab your bind-it all and insert a small stack of paper and punch the holes lining up everything to the right edge of the machine- (you can also follow the bind-it all directions)
Move out about 5 holes and stick the 5th hole onto the rectangle part of the tab that sticks out from the machine. It will keep all the holes lined up and punch remaining holes. (sorry, this part is probably going to be confusing- you might want to refer to the instructions that come with your machine) 
Once everything has been punched move the chipboard to the top of the stack- This is very important for your book to bind right…
Insert your wire through the chipboard, followed by the transparency, then cardstock and finally the white paper. Insert into the clamping part of the bind-it all.  (make sure you have matched the setting to your wire size) Clamp your spiral shut. Once all spirals have been clamped shut, flip your chipboard over to the back… TA-DA!
 Now, you should have a spiral notebook- now we just need to add some embellishments to finish it up!
Another view of the notebook before we decorate…
I added one sticker (the cream with the flower from Sassafrass Lass) and two Hambly rub-ons (the black is from the Antique Frames in Black and the sewing machine is from Silhouettes in Lime Green) and there are some stars from some leftover Je
nni Bowlin Rub-ons that I found in my stash!
A close up of the rub-ons…
So far, I love my notebook and have been using it tons….

One thought on “Spiral Notebooks- I am Seriously Addicted to Them

  1. i like how you combined all those transfers and stickers. right now I am at the end of the first sketchbook/journal I have ever finished, and I think it is because I made it!

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