My Dressform Needs a Name Giveaway….

so I got a new dressform and she needs a name… (when I was in school every dressform had a name, this way you always knew which one you used.) There are two main parts to the giveaway, coming up with the names and voting! If the steps are confusing just let me know and I will try and clarify things better. Also, I am only able to ship to the US right now… due to limited funds. 

So here are the details:

Step 1: Leave a comment with a name for her and anything else you want to add.  (make sure you have a way I can get back to you)

Step 2: You have until Monday, October 12 at 3 pm to get your name in.

Step 3: I will read them all and choose my favorite 5 names and post the top 5 on Tuesday morning.

Step 4: Starting Tuesday leave a comment to vote for your favorite name until Thursday, October 15 at 5 pm mountain time. 

Step 5: On Friday, I will add up all the votes and the number one choice will win this:

3 of my fabric corner bookmarks and I will add the winning name to my dressform
But don't worry if your name wasn't chosen from the top 5 because I will do another drawing for everyone who entered between October 8-15 (if you notice that means you can be entered twice to win, one time for coming up with a name and the other for voting) and one person will win:
3 of my fabric corner bookmarks
and here is a shot of how they are used:
*note: book is not included in the giveaway 
and if you are really excited and want to make some of your own, here is the Tutorial.
Feel free to follow me on twitter or add to my blog followers to know when I will be posting the names and winners… can't wait to see what you come up with!

7 thoughts on “My Dressform Needs a Name Giveaway….

  1. I thought that what you do with your creations is inspire feelings and emotions for others. So I went to a website that gave meanings of names and looked up Inspire the only name that has that as its meaning is TAFARI, Usage: Eastern African and possibly means he who inspires awe in Amharic. The name is considered masculine, but anymore names are so interchangeable.Good luck with finding a name.Lauri – nclaurir

  2. I just wanted to let you know I received my fabric bookmarks today. I love them. I am reading a book now using a paperclip so this will be a definite improvement!!! Thanks!

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