Free Motion Quilting & Me

Okay, I really did just started quilting and really I have only free motion quilted about 4 things so far. I am still really learning and exploring. Most of my sewing is based in clothing, hence the fashion design degree, anyways I thought quilting would be a fun, relaxing thing to do. I really love to free motion quilt… but my stitches aren't perfect not even close and you know what, I actually like it that way. Here is a look at what my stitches are looking like up close.

* you can click to enlarge
* you can click to enlarge
So, you can see my stuff is all over the place, small stitches, long stitches, complete randomness. This is actually a great improvement from my first few attempts. 
Here were the settings on my machine:
starting from left to right: first dial-4 (tension), second dial 2.5 (needle in the center), and the third dial F (stitch length), set on a straight stitch.
I am really learning that it is about steady speed and steady guiding to get the best look. So I think I will keep working on it.
I also downloaded the free ebook on free motion quilting when you subscribe to the newsletter on Quilting Arts Magazine
It has a load of info.
If you have any helpful tips or any questions let me know…
have a goodnight and tomorrow I will announce the giveaway details.

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