Quilt Along Day 5

We are almost finished with the mini-quilt, how exciting is that! Okay, first up we need to grab the wall hanging and trim up the edges:

*I took off about 1/2" on each side to square it up. It will look something like this:
Grab your bias tape. (I used some 1" tape I had sitting around, but it is going to make a very thin border so I would use some a little wider at least 1 1/2". You could also make your own using a bias tape maker and your scrap fabric. ) You need a length of 74". Start in the center of the bottom edge, open the bias tape and pin matching the edges as shown below. (*underneath the pumpkins)
 Keep pinning until you reach the corner.
Sew starting in the middle and continue until you are 1/4" away from the corner. Make sure you backstitch.
Next up, pull the bias tape towards you at a 90 degree angle.
Then fold the bias back matching the edges once again on the other side.
Begin pinning.
Finish pinning edge and then sew, backstitching at each end starting a 1/4" and ending a 1/4" from the end. Repeat steps above until bias tape as made it around the entire quilt. Overlap the bias tape at the end.
Finishing sewing the bias tape.
Next trim your seam allowance.
and fold the bias tape over towards the back.
Pin bias tap down. (make sure the raw edge is folded under)
continue all the way around…
another view just because i liked this photo…
so tomorrow we will finish it up!
Have a good rest of your Saturday!!!

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