Quilt Along Day 4

Let the quilting begin:

A couple of quick notes before we start. I used both a walking foot and a free motion quilting foot with a darning plate for the quilting. My basting pins are these:

*image from amazon and can be found at Jo Ann's
Thread is by Coats and Clark: Sandstone
*image from jo-anns
Okay, here we go. First up grab you quilt backing and lay it wrong side up, put your batting on top of the wrong side, and finish by putting your quilt top right side up on the top. It should look like this:
Alright, grab your basting pins and I start in the center by the pumpkins. (not in the punpkins though)
Add pins all around the pumpkins.
then work your way around  the rest of the quilt
Next up, get your walking foot on and lets get quilting. I started in the center with the middle pumpkin. I quilted about 1/8" from the edge of the zig zag stitch.
Repeat until you have stitched around all appliqued pieces.
Now, get out your free motion quilting foot:
Now, I start in the middle along one edge and just go whereever and however I feel at the moment. Like this:
*note: this is only the third thing I have free motion quilted so my stitches aren't too even, but it really doesn't bother me.
As you get into the groove it will start looking like this. (* I don't do anything in the pumpkins or leaves)
 Keep quilting the background until it looks like this:
 Tomorrow, we begin binding… and in all of my picture taking madness I forgot to take pictures of the back. I will get one up for tomorrow. Alright have a good one!

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  1. I too have a Brother XR-65, and Ive been experimenting with free motion quilting, but I cant get the tension right. Ive tried just about every setting, and nothings working. Can you give me any tips? Thanks

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