Where is August Running Away To?

I really feel like this month is moving by so quickly and that fall is almost here. The weather is cooling down a little and the mornings are a little crisper.  I am already busy making plans for xavier's birthday, fall activities, fall decorating, halloween, etc. I really do love this time of year.

My days have been looking like this:

6:30ish- get up, get coffee, get xavier soy milk and breakfast, watch dora, check emails, start laundry if it is monday. (As soon as xavier gets on a better schedule I am going to be getting up early to work out)

7:30ish- begin watering gardens and harvesting tomatoes, baby pumpkins, potatoes, cucumbers, peas, zucchinis

9:00- put on west wing, plan out my day- what to bake, can, do, sew, make & eat breakfast with deon

10ish- begin the canning or baking for the day, do dishes, general clean up

 *some labels I made for the pickles

11:30 ish- see if x is ready for a nap, usually try to get him to take one (this use to be is regular time, but since giving up the binky, who knows when nap time is) I check some blogs and see if he naps.

12:30ish- xavier is playing around and work on things on the computer or finish up in the kitchen.

1:00ish- xavier might take a nap now (sometimes it is as late as 3 but then he is up till almost midnight, I swear this kid doesn't require to much sleep, but he can't make it all day without a nap because he is so cranky and falls asleep around 6)

sometime in the afternoon- I get in the shower (my goal is before 3) and then head upstairs turn on murder, she wrote, and start sewing.  I usually get a couple of hours time in, then when x gets up it is time to read, play and hang with him. (I really try to have a couple of hand sewing projects that I can work on with him around)

 *a fall wall hanging that I am making a tutorial for that I finished up yesterday

5:30ish watch food network and chase xavier around, help with dinner and then we watch some tv, or take a garden walk and relax for the day.

9:00ish- try and get xavier to go to bed. yes, it is a late bedtime (i try 8:30 but anymore there is no reason to even try) last night it took until 10:00 to get him down. I was to tired to even stay up to watch the housewives… 🙁

So that is what I have been doing which seems to be making the days go by really quickly….

now to figure out what to do with all these baby boo pumpkins that are floating around here.

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