This week has just gone by to quickly,

I thought it was Wednesday, even though it was Thursday all day and totally forgot to go to the movies. It was a movie I wanted to see to. Instead, I worked on changing up the studio. I made space for 2 more sewing machines and have now had to reorganize most of my sewing stuff, (in reality I think I just made a big mess, but it is getting  somewhere). I also have been doing some sewing and finished all the projects for the tutorials- now I just need to find time to get them typed up and ready to go (and photograph the finished projects), I am hoping to get a new tutorial up next week.

Now, I am waiting for the real housewives of atlanta to come on and playing games on facebook. Oh, here are the pickles I canned the other day.

these are some kosher dill pickles, we haven't tried them yet…. it was my first attempt at canning. Overall, I think it was was easy and fun. On Saturday, my mom and I are going to be making pickled beets. 
Here is a peak at the pair of shorts I made for the one of the tutorials- they are for xavier.
and here is the finished mini quilt/not sure what to call it-  so far all I can come up with is Two Holiday Trees. I think I might make a tutorial for this one or maybe a mini quilt along- anyone interested?

well, off to try and stay awake until the housewives come, I really hate that it isn on until 11 pm it is so hard for me to stay up….

p.s. I made a flickr group where you can show off your bookmarks: Fabric Bookmarks   I would love to see what you have created.

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