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*lots of photos ahead!

First of all it is Back To School Week here on the blog: a look back at my college days! I thought it would be fun to remember all the good times and hard work. Plus, always loved shopping for school supplies and getting ready for a new school year to begin. It really feels like a clean slate and that there are so many possiblities.

One of my favorite things to do was to do fashion illustrations, I am working on getting back into the habit of sketching on a daily basis. Here are a few of my favorites, I plan on framing some of them to hanging them up one day in our living room.  (as a little side note, for the illustrations please do not use them or copy them with out shooting me a quick email to get my permission- kzjostudio@yahoo.com. I just want to keep track since they are my original artwork. Thanks so much!)

most are done with marker, a few are done in the computer. 
Tomorrow, we will look at a few of my favorite projects that I made while in school….
Okay onto the project front, I was busy working on a bunch of projects for a gift for my cousin who just turned 13. I really tried to keep it upbeat and tons of fun! She really loved them! I still have a couple of things to make and mail to her since I didn't get them quite all finished.
(pattern is the buttercup bag from Made by Rae)
I made a little zebra yo-yo (the bag is lined in zebra) and added some bling along with some black piping.
(sleeping mask pattern from Amy Butler's In Stitches book; fabric is Wonderland by MoMo from Moda)
I thought this was fun and great for road trips.
(some scrappy notebooks from The Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts book)
It called for store bought notebooks, but I just cut up some some white paper and colored cardstock. Sewed a straight line down the middle and there you go a note book. I sewed on the fabric and stamped two little things on each one.
(colored pencil roll pattern from The Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts book; Amy Butler fabric-the print; the outside is also the print but I forgot to take a picture of it all rolled up. The solid is from JoAnns.) 
I loved this project. It worked out really well and I am planning on making one for all of my sketching pencils.
(yo-yo necklace pattern from Sew Stylish) 
This was a really fun project that used up my scraps and it looks really cute on!
A tissue case with some fun lime polka dot tissue.
A also made a couple of crayon rolls and some notepads. I totally forgot to take pictures, but I cut legal sized paper in half then made a cover with a solid piece of cardstock, with a hambly screen print on top, bound it with the bind it all, and added some stickers, along with their inital on the front. I thought the were totally cute and made a great gift for a young child or they would make an awesome sketchbook. I think I will put one together and show you tomorrow. Plus I got to pick out some girly fabric for this project.  So fun!
A quick garden update: today's harvest yeilded all of this—-
lets take a closer look- shall we!!!
some baby boos
some cucumbers- these are becoming bread & butter pickles tomorrow!
these tomatoes became a homemade basic marinara sauce that I canned and is oh sooo yummy!
a giant box of zucchini!!
so there is a ton of stuff that has been going on talk to you all tomorrow! 
p.s. I thought it would be fun to find out it there is anything that you want to know about what fashion design school is like or any other random questions. I would love to answer them on friday on the last day of back to school week. So post them in the comment section and see if yours gets picked!!! 

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