New Scrapbook Area in the Studio and other projects!!

I was busy moving around a bunch of stuff in the studio, reorganizing and stuff. During the process, I took what was my scrapbooking table turned it into one of my sewing tables. Anyways, all my scrapbooking stuff ended up on the floor but my dad had an old desk in the shop so I painted it and here it is. I am in love with it!

Here is a view of the top:
 and here is another couple shots of it:
close up of the part of the painting
all it needs now are knobs, so I am on the hunt for some cool ones. I hung my paper trimmer up on the inside using two nails, I have some large sheets of paper tucked in there for xavier's birthday invites. The top has one of my illustrations, some doodles, and a painted frame. That is where I will work on my layouts. Even though this desk is smaller than the table, the drawers hold everything that was on top of the table and more, so now I will be able to keep it cleared off. Monday nights are my scrapbooking nights and I spend about 2 hours working on xavier's album. Any other time is bonus or when I need a break from sewing.  

The colors I used are:

The main color is Chardonnay Bottle (MS247) from the Martha Stewart Collection from Lowes's

The details (my doodles and woodgrain/looks kinda like zebra stripes) are in this lovely brown.

from glidden (*I got this paint free when glidden was doing a paint giveaway and I picked this color to paint so picture frames for xavier's room.)
Here are some other things that have been going on up in the studio (I seem to be in major project mode with full reveals of the projects on Sunday!!)
some zebra stripe! 
some quilting!
here is the finished Fall Wall Hanging!
hoping to get the tutorial up next week during look back at design school. 
I still have about 6-7 projects to get done in the next 2 days, so I will be holed up in the studio.
Have an awesome day! 

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