Garden update!!!

Here are some things that are going on in the garden:

butternut squash
yellow pear tomatoes
Now for some studio happenings; here is a look at the way I changed up the sewing machine area.
my main sewing area- this use to be my scrapbooking table, but it makes a better sewing table. Sorry about the mess going on there; busy working on something before I decided to take the photos. In the back you can see another lightweight machine (it was my grandmas). I think that this one will be used if I need to take a sewing machine anywhere, because it is so small and compact.  
So this was my old sewing table and now my mom's machine and my serger sit over there. I like how I could actually have 4 people sewing at once, if I was doing a sewing night or something. So fun!!!
In other random news, it is my favorite time of year, when I go through all of my october thru december magazines. I love to plot out all the projects that I want to attempt- decor, gifts, recipes, etc. I mainly do this so I can manage my time better and actually enjoy the holiday season. (I even make a spreadsheet so everything is laid out in some sort of plan)
A peak at the piles:
plus a clean slate:
* I actually already put some stuff up-pics later this week.  
tomorrow- monthly recap and bread & butter pickle recipe- have a good night!!!! 

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