Day 4 and 5 a little late…

sorry for my tardiness with this post, better late then never I guess. I have been busy harvesting (carrots and tomatoes), so I have been blanching, freezing, canning, etc. Which takes all day it seems. Then when I started typing out this post the internet went out, of course, so here it is finally. My favorite tools or fun things that I use for sketching:

First up I used the pattern for the colored pencil roll up from the Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts book.  Fabric is the Project Runway line found at Hancock Fabrics.

This holds all of my sketching pencils, pens, erasers, and blenders. (I really wish I had this when I was in school because it keeps everything neat and tidy and is so easy to carry around)

 *all rolled up
 *tied up with a bow
*the outside 
*all filled up 

My favorite way to add color:

*colored pencils
I usually use freezer paper to trace my patterns onto:
*my weight for holding down patterns (I have 3) my dad made them for me out of scrap metal.  

What I love to watch while working on projects:

as if you didn't know about my golden girls and murder, she wrote addiction- (i need to complete my murder, she wrote collection, and then to get started on Beverly Hills 90210 -the original, dr. quinn, and then we will see….) 
Now onto my favorite sewing things:
*my fiskars cutting mat, ruler and fabric scissors.
*bias tape makers
Some of my favorite organizational things around my studio:
*shoebox turned into bias tape box
 *the pink binder holds all of the tutorials/patterns I find online for quilts, purses, toys, etc. The orange binder is how I organize my fabric. (inside view below)
Inside you can see business card holder sheet protectors, I sort the fabric by designer or store and I printed business cards that say:
Fabric name
Location Purchased
Date Purchased
Plus ther is room for a small swatch and I cover the entire back of the card with a large swatch and slide into the slot. I love doing this because I can easily take it to the fabric store to match things up. I also stick my interfacing swatches on there as well.
At the back of the binder you can find this:
*all of the instructions for the interfacing that I buy. I keep it, fold it, label, and stick it into a normal sheet protector.
* clear bobbin box (got it at walmart)
* a shoebox lid turned into pin storage. Makes it easy to move them around. 
So there you have some of my favorite things from around the studio…. talk to you all tomorrow!!!! 

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